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"JO.VANA is multidisciplinary artist and musician that blends various influences and disciplines, into her own unchained and unique expression weaved in core of strong meaningful lyrics.


In the album EGO MANIA, she is breaking the rules and seeking out true nature with humility, beyond safety and conventions. She is unveiling a deeper and more essential human nature, the fine, the fragile, and the true self. JO.VANA casts empathy, but in the same time emphasises the true force and almost animal strength.

The powerful rhymes, the emotions in her voice and incisive truth of lyrics will resonate in our heads longtime after we hear it for the first time.

The strong album covers have been created in collaboration with the painter and artist Mihael Milunovic during the confinement." 

Artist Labels The State51 Conspiracy and Mascom, London.  

The Album " EGO MANIA " by JO.VANA is available on all digital platforms worldwide:  Spotify,  Deezer,  Apple Music,  Amazon, KKbox,  Qobuz,  Yandex,  Soundcloud ...

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